Caramel and burnt sugar syrup

Your quality manufacturer of food additives.

Caramels and burnt sugar syrups made by Martin Mundo are characterized by a wide range of possible applications: alcohol-resistant and acid-stable our Caramel and burnt sugars are found in a variety of products in almost every corner of the food industry.

Like all food additives Caramel is also subject to strict monitoring to protect the health of consumers. Recent studies by the European Health Organization (EFSA) and the FAO / WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) agree that caramels are safe for human health. This is complemented by specific provisions of the purity of caramels at european level.

Article Nr. Description
Burnt Sugar Syrups
2500 Burnt Sugar Syrup “Viktoria”
1150 Burnt Sugar Syrup “AW”
1140 Burnt Sugar Syrup “AW” Type “P75”
Organic Burnt Sugar Syrups
2490 Organic Burnt Sugar Syrup “Viktoria”
1130 Organic Burnt Sugar Syrup “AW” Type “P75”
1000 Caramel “Crystal” food coloring E150a
1010 Caramel “Crystal” Type “RW” food coloring E150a
1060 Caramel “Special” Type “RW” food coloring E150a
Sugar confectionary
3900 Invert Sugar Syrup
3902 Glucose
3908 Gravy darkener

Martin Mundo is certified!

Seit 2002 zertifiziert nach der EU-Öko-Verordnung durch die Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-007 und daher für Sie in Bio- Qualität erhältlich.

Certified since 2002 according to the EU-Eco-regulation through the control body DE-ÖKO-007 and they are available for you in organic quality.

Unsere Karamell und Zuckercouleure sind durch The Federation of Synagogues Kashrus zertifiziert kosher.

Our caramel and burnt sugar syrups are certified Kosher by the “The Federation of Synagogues Kashrus”.

Preiser Aromen

Since 2014 we have the essences of Adolf Preiser / Villingen in our offer.