Martin Mundo sells Alcohols!

Your Partner for all kinds of alcohols.

The Martin and Werner Mundo oHG exists since 1971. Since the fall of the spirits monopoly it is operated by us in-house. The company has its headquarter in the same place as the Martin Mundo oHG, and is supplying our customers with all kinds of alcohols.

Alcohol is more than just a stimulant, it is used in medical products, detergents or antifreeze. Martin and Werner Mundo produce the right kind of alcohol for every application. Our alcohol 410 of course meets the standards of the Pharmacopoeia Europaea and may therefore be used in medical devices. We also can offer our alcohol bio-certified by the control body DE-ÖKO-007. Our offer also includes all the usual denatured ethanols that we can offer through our dealer network in all special denaturings – of course in organic quality, too.

Article-Nr. Description Minimum alcohol Safty Data Sheet
410 Alcohol, undenaturated 96,0% vol. download
420 Organic Alkohol, undenaturated 96,0% vol. download
510 Alcohol, drained, undenaturated 99,8% vol. download
611 Alcohol denaturated with phtalic acid- diethyl ether 96,0% vol. download
Industrial Alcohol
410M Alcohol, denaturated with 8% lactic acid 87,6% vol. download
520P Synthesized Alcohol, drained, denaturated with 1% petroleum ether 99,8% vol. download
641 Alcohol, azeotropic, denaturated with 1% MEK 96,0% vol. download
642 Alcohol, drained, denaturated with 1% MEK 99,8% vol. download
641A Alcohol, azeotropic, denaturated with 1% MEK and 5% Acetone 96,0% vol. download
006 Isopropanol 100,0% vol. download
004 Methylated Spirit 94,0% vol. download
1924 Alcohol, drained, completely denaturated 100% vol. download

Our alcohols are distributed by Martin and Werner Mundo oHG

We are happy to take on special bottlings on our modern filling line. Including a labeling which  is tailored to your individual needs.

In the greater Rhine-Main area, our ADR-trained drivers are happy to supply you with the alcohols personal, fast and flexible.

Martin Mundo is certified!

Seit 2002 zertifiziert nach der EU-Öko-Verordnung durch die Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-007 und daher für Sie in Bio- Qualität erhältlich.

Certified since 2002 according to the EU-Eco-regulation through the control body DE-ÖKO-007 and they are available for you in organic quality.

Unsere Karamell und Zuckercouleure sind durch The Federation of Synagogues Kashrus zertifiziert kosher.

Our caramel and burnt sugar syrups are certified Kosher by the “The Federation of Synagogues Kashrus”.

Preiser Aromen

Since 2014 we have the essences of Adolf Preiser / Villingen in our offer.