Martin Mundo has backbone

Your service with values in which we believe.

Martin Mundo´s entrepreneurial view and acting has since its establishment in 1916, deeply connected with a high degree of personal responsibility. Starting with the cooperation that is designed for us in every respect to the long term, Martin Mundo stands for fast, flexible, non-bureaucratic and absolutely service-orientated action. The focus is on the needs of our customers and the delivery of high quality products.

Competent supplier

Martin Mundo is a competent supplier to the food and liquor industry, which operates discreetly and quietly in the background. A list of our clients we therefore do not publish, but we can say that a lot of renowned companies in the food and spirits industry all over the world are our clients. We work hard every day because of conviction to support our customers’ needs. This ambition and this attitude has made us to what we are today. We are happy about the success of our customers, and proud of being as small part of it.

Long tradition

As a family business with a long tradition, we have strong roots in the region. Every job is important to us! Whether large industrial contracts or smaller ones for the winegrowers in our area – there is no difference for us. Traction counts!