Martin Mundo maintains the tradition of the art of distillation!

Essences & Liquer Bases

Certified organic products from controlled organic cultivation

Your producer for tasteful essences.

Martin Mundo oHG produces only natural flavors and essences according to ancient custom by distillation, extraction and / or percolation of the raw materials. This requires expertise, time, effort and emotion – but the result justifies the expenditure. We are convinced that this naturally produced flavoring extracts (in the terminology of flavor regulation referred to as “natural flavoring preparation”), have more taste than the artificial and in the laboratory constructed flavors.

We feel deeply indebted to the tradition of the art of distillation. This is the only way we serve our customers and ensure that the genuine flavor of the distilled raw material goes into our essences. For example a vanilla extract is exclusively made from vanilla beans. For our products we use only the highest quality ingredients. Since 2011 a part of our essence is also organic certified available, announced by the control body DE-ÖKO-007.

*All our natural essences and liquer-bases are classified as “natural flavouring preparations” according to article 3 paragraph 2 letter d) in conjunction with article 16 of the Regulation (EC) No. 1334/2008 of 16 December 2008 (“Flavour Regulation”).

Martin Mundo is certified!

Seit 2002 zertifiziert nach der EU-Öko-Verordnung durch die Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-007 und daher für Sie in Bio- Qualität erhältlich.

Certified since 2002 according to the EU-Eco-regulation through the control body DE-ÖKO-007 and they are available for you in organic quality.

Unsere Karamell und Zuckercouleure sind durch The Federation of Synagogues Kashrus zertifiziert kosher.

Our caramel and burnt sugar syrups are certified Kosher by the “The Federation of Synagogues Kashrus”.

Preiser Aromen

Since 2014 we have the essences of Adolf Preiser / Villingen in our offer.