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The product that everyone consumes without knowing it. Made out of carbohydrates it gives the color to various kinds of food.

Burnt sugar

Burnt sugar syrup is a food which is used for coloring and taste rounding of various products. According to the EU- spirits ordinance it is one of the sweeteners.


Alcohol is more than a stimulant and is also found in medical products, detergents or antifreeze.


Our bio-certified aromatic extracts are being produced according to the old consumption by distillation of the natural raw materials.

Your contact with comprehensive production portfolio and all around service!

Martin Mundo has a comprehensive product range and an all around service.

Besides a large number of distillates and extracts we offer a lot of raw materials like essence and sugar syrup for the taste and caramel or burnt sugar syrup for the coloring plus the necessary ethyl alcohol. Our distillates and extracts give you the opportunity to make individual mixes for your liqueurs and spirits, or to refine existing recipes. Our raw materials can be easily processed into finished goods.

Martin Mundo oHG assists you competently from brainstorming through design and production. On request we also manufacture your private label!

We cooperate with reliable bottling companies that produce small batches easily.

The attachment of your own labels on the goods is self evident. We also produce individual adjustments for brandies or for rounding of existing liqueurs.

Martin Mundo is certified!

Caramels and burnt sugar syrups made by Martin Mundo are certified!

Seit 2002 zertifiziert nach der EU-Öko-Verordnung durch die Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-007 und daher für Sie in Bio- Qualität erhältlich. Certified since 2002 according to the EU-Eco-regulation through the control body DE-ÖKO-007 and they are available for you in organic quality.

Unsere Karamell und Zuckercouleure sind durch The Federation of Synagogues Kashrus zertifiziert kosher.Our caramel and burnt sugar syrups are certified Kosher by the “The Federation of Synagogues Kashrus”.

Preiser AromenSince 2014 we have the essences of Adolf Preiser / Villingen in our offer.

Our quality management system is certified since 2019 according to ISO 9001:2015